Zora Diagnostic Portfolio

Zora Diagnostic Portfolio currently includes three tests:
- CERT: Coronary Event Risk Test
- SIRT: Statin Intolerance Risk Test
- OCDT: Ovarian Cancer Diagnostic Test

Portfolio overview

CERT - Coronary Event Risk Test

CERT is a blood based diagnostic test that identifies patients who are at risk of heart attack or cardiovascular death. CERT helps to find high-risk patients even if their other clinical parameters such as LDL-C might suggest that they are not at an elevated risk.

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SIRT - Statin Intolerance Risk Test

Statin Intolerance Test identifies individuals having statin induced muscle pain. Currently there is no reliable test that could be used for the diagnosis. Statins are the most widely used lipid lowering drugs and it has been estimated that 20% of statin users suffer from statin intolerance.

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OCDT - Ovarian Cancer Diagnostic Test

Ovarian cancer is the eighth most frequent cause of cancer death among women. We are developing diagnostic test that can diagnose the most common type of ovarian cancer already in the early stage.

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